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Your Telecom Expense Consulting Business

How would you like to own a company where every business, non-profit organization and government entity is an immediate prospect? Our program offers an individual the opportunity to develop his/her own business consulting practice focusing on telecom expense reduction and optimization.

Our offering provides the ability to capitalize on your experience to make a profound change in your life and to build a very profitable business that makes you a true partner with your clients.

Across the U.S. we have proven that the following business issues have created chaos throughout the Telecom Industry: cut-throat price competition, mergers, acquisitions and bankruptcies, constant turnover of personnel and non-stop down sizing. Additionally, there are over 2000 disparate billing platforms resulting in invoices that are virtually impossible for the customer to read and understand.

Studies by the Gartner Group and USA Today found that 85% of telecom invoices have billing errors. In addition, an estimated $13 billion in overcharges will be generated in the next 12 months and less than 2% of these errors will ever be identified. The telecom industry is a $650+ billion giant. Of this amount, $16 to $27 billion may be outsourced for third party administration and management.

Compounding these problems are the constant technology changes for voice, data and wireless that continue to create downward pressures on all telecom pricing in every business market. Many businesses have obsolete voice and data systems and no where to turn for unbiased professional advice, consultation and help. As a result, the telecom industry offers huge potential, and the bottom line is that we help our clients reduce their telecom expenses through a win-win, no risk solution.

RMH Telecom Consulting provides independent and objective solutions for our clients. Over 90% of our clients reduce their telecom spend by 20 – 50% after our analysis and recommendations – often with no change in vendors. We then share these savings 50/50 for 24 months or longer. Our clients incur NO EXPENSE, use NO RESOURCES and take NO RISK. Clients are under NO OBLIGATION to accept our recommendations. The bottom line is there is no way our clients can lose! We do all the work, deliver our recommendations and implement the solutions after client approval.

Our offering is ideal for the person who wants to establish his/her own professional consulting practice and requires a one-time investment. We license you as an affiliate of RMH Telecom Consultants and provide the Process Methodology including: Analysis Tools, Training, Marketing Materials, Revenue and P&L Pro Formas and Sales Tools necessary to start and run your practice. To view an active practice visit

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Our training program teaches you how to develop your business pipeline, grow your client base and perform Expense Optimization analysis.



This formal six and one half day program consists of four modules:

  1.  Business Startup Planning including Revenue, Productivity and P&L models
  2.  The Consultative Selling Process: how to build your pipeline and close the sale
  3.  How to Develop and Grow your Business
  4. The Expense Optimization Process Methodology and how to use OptiStudy©


Our Program Highlights include:

  • No Royalty Fees – Ever
  • Full or Part-Time Business
  • Formal Training Program
  • On-site Mentor support is available


Every Business, Government Unit and Non-profit Organization is a Prospect

Unlimited Income Potential

No Territory Limitations

RMH Telecom Consulting awards licenses to qualified individuals with diverse backgrounds representing a broad spectrum of industry and professional experience. Our business is growing every day so don’t miss this opportunity to begin a lucrative consulting practice that will give you the personal satisfaction of running your own business and the potential to gain financial independence.