Our Process

RMH Telecom Consultants Introduces its Telecom Expense Reduction Services…

 …..its all about Results!


Proven Process Methodology

90% of our clients reduce their telecom expenses by 20-50%

  • Local Service
  • Long Distance
  • Cellular
  • Data
  • Internet

 You incur No expenses…….You take No risk

[box] RMH does All of the work: We do not work for any vendor, telco, or carrier. We receive no fees from any provider. We look out for your best interest![/box]

  1.  You always remain in control with GO/NO GO Decision. You are under no obligation to accept our recommendations.
  2.  If you accept our recommendations, we manage the implementation at no cost
  3.  All work is provided on a Contingency Basis: RMH’s Fees are self funded out of the savings generated from reduced telecom expenses
  4.  Share in the savings 50/50 over 24 months. Results are tracked on a Quarterly Basis over the Life of the Contract…Your share is PURE PROFIT

[box type=”info”] 70+% of our Clients never change vendors[/box]


RMHTC is the largest independent telecom consulting organization in the Southeast United States. We are affiliated with a nation-wide network of telecom professionals….

Professional Telecom Experience since 1965

Affiliated with 195+ Offices Coast to Coast

5,100 years of combined experience

14,800+ active clients

Savings delivered in past 48 months: $80,300,000

Hard Dollars…Fully Documented