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What We Do | RMH Telecom Consultants – Save you money!

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Our primary focus is to reduce our Clients’ Telecom Expenses. We work as a neutral third party consulting firm and represent our Clients’ best interest. Our fees are funded by sharing the savings 50/50 over two-years with the Clients; and we do not receive remuneration from any service provider.

We perform a three-stage process as we analyze our Clients’ Telecom Expenses:

In the first stage, we reconcile the Telecom Invoices against the Customer Service Records & Contracts looking for billing errors.When we find an error we document it, track it back to the Statute of Limitations and negotiate a one-time payment (we get half). This process generates about 15% of our revenues.

The second stage is to analyze the Telecom Expenses as they are today, obtain best prices available and produce an Executive Findings & Recommendation Report. 98% of the time our Clients authorize us to implement our recommendations. And this starts the clock for sharing the savings 50/50 over 24 months.

The third stage is to look at the technical infrastructure for additional economies. Often we find under utilized lines or lines that have zero use, Trunks, Circuits, etc. with costs that can be reduced, possibly an IP Telephony application (VOIP), or whatever the Telecom Infrastructure might require.

The three stages roll up into what we call Telecom Expense Optimization, and 90% of the time we reduced the expenses by 20-50% while 70% of the time we never change vendors.

Traditional Telecom Consulting Projects

Quite often our Clients call us back in after we have delivered them savings, and ask us to handle a project or all of their telecom requirements on a retainer basis….this is because we earned their trust on the front-end through Telecom Expense Optimization services. Projects are based upon ISO 9000 processes and are worked on a Time & Materials basis (hourly or retainer). Typically, Telecom Projects entail analyzing the infrastructure for Wireless, Data or Voice, PBX upgrades, Data Network & Frame Relay design or upgrades, LAN/WAN applications, Video, Security, Disaster Prevention & Recovery…..all traditional Telecom Project Management services.

[button link=”http://rmhtc.com/?page_id=35″ type=”big”] RMHTC provides all of the training, tools, & Process Methodology as a turn-key package. We offer two options by which a person can affiliate with us; and details can be provided in the summary attachments: RMHTC Overview and RMHTC Summary. Training details can be found in the RMHTC Training Overview.[/button]